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iPhone for Sprint - All the Details
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March 31, 2010: Stuck with Sprint but want an iPhone, here's how. Users all over the world have shared hundreds of responses below discussing how they got their iPhone on Sprint.

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You now have two options when choosing a good phone with Sprint. Read below to see how to get an iphone on sprint or consider buying a Palm Pre on Sprint. The iPhone app store should be one of the key considerations for why you should lean towards the iphone vs palm pre.

The new iphone 3gS is not currently available on sprint but thee are ways to get the 2G and 3G models to work. See responses below.
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Bones (male, late-30s) (Posted 10/30/07)

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Do you have an iPhone working on the Sprint Network?
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Responses (206)
Anonymous (12/10): well i really want an iphone but i cant get it because i got sprint i want it for my daughter for christmas so i reallywant it to be in sprint (report)
Anonymous (12/19): yes was able to hack it ;) (report)
Anonymous (1/7): The Iphone will not run on sprint, you can only run it on the AT&T band or T-Mobile due to the network type. (in the U.S. that is.) (report)
cellguy6 (1/24): I have been with Sprint PCS for many years and realize that they do not have a product that can compete with the iPhone so I am making the switch. Not to mention Sprint's customer service and retention suck. I'm a long timer at 5 years with Sprint and that's the longest I know out of anyone who has been in the industry as long as I have and it has been a struggle. Sure they all count on customers switching every few years but if you had a good product like the iPhone and valued your costumers, retention wouldn't be an issue. Welcome to AT & T/iPhone. (report)
bigdickdaly (2/1): i also attached the iphone battery to my grundle and i have a battery powered schlong now. (report)
bigdickdaly (2/1): when i bend over my feet itch. (report)
bigdickdaly (2/1): i weigh in at 188 lbs. and have broken 2 iphones by shitting on them. i meant sitting sorry. doooooooooo dooooooo (report)
iphony (2/10): yea just buy one on ebay thats unlocked and u just start a new contract (report)
Anonymous (2/10): yea just buy one on ebay thats unlocked and just start a new contract (report)
Tsm1248 (3/21): ok first of all the iPhone is running the most advanced I'd plus the way the iPhone is its faster to do ur email mp3 even watch videos a he'll of a lot faster I know my uncle has blackberry my sister has a variatty of smart phones so i would know that'd the ipone runs smoother faster has a better interface plus the appsare a hell of a a lot better (report)
Anonymous (4/23): To the above post... I call BS!!! I want proof! (report)
Anonymous (4/27): No kidding. there is no way that he is running an Iphone on the sprint network. First of all Sprint is running off a CDMA brodcast type, and the Iphone will only work on a GSM. And, even if he could convert the phone to work on a CDMA its almost impossible to get past the fact that its against Sprints policy to put a phone on there network that isn't registered to sprint, unless you work there. (report)
Anonymous (6/13): By jailbreaking the iPhone which is extremely simple, you can download a program to unlock your iPhone and have it run on whatever the fuck you want. It IS possible. (report)
Anonymous (7/9): i work at sprint and no its not possible (report)
Anonymous (7/10): LOL well mr. i work at sprint.. Obiously you dont know what your talking about.. cause im looking at my step moms iphone.. and well Lookie here... what does it say for network.... SPRINT!!!!!!! IT DOES WORK, IM HOLDING IT IN MY HANDS.. All you people who say it isn't possible.. LOOK up IPhone Hack on youtube.. Dumb A$$eS (report)
simsslam (7/23): Yes, it works fine but it cannot do it native, I had to burn an eprom with a patch. It took two burns to get it right but in the end it works fine. Now that I have it I have to admit, its a good phone but other than the vanity of it, for practical purposes my Treo is just as good, just different. If anyone wants the code for the eprom let me know. (report)
Anonymous (7/29): my dick is bigger than the iphone and harder (report)
Anonymous (8/10): You guys are a joke. Who makes the Iphone? Do you really think Apple wouldn't leave a lil hack to run on another network. IT WORKS!!! These guys may work at sprint, but dosen't mean they know what their talking about! (report)
beastsaga (8/23): iphone is the best expecially when u hack/unlock it ... i have a itouch right now that is unlocked almost exactly like ihpone i can do everything but take pictures (report)
Anonymous (8/26): i want it (report)
fartmk (9/2): I farted so hard a iphone was laid this majikal iphone works on sprint, and is gas powered (report)
taffaroyal (9/4): So how would Sprint be working with the iphone if Sprint has no sim card to put on an Iphone? (report)
alexxxhp (9/16): where is the eeprom codes simsslam (report)
Anonymous (9/29): Are you guys really that stupid? For it to connect to the Sprint network you would have to physically replace the radio inside the phone. Good luck with that. (report)
Anonymous (10/2): to unlock the i phone for sprint simply enter the phone number plus the earea come from the i phone then when the answering machine picks hold the talk symbol on the touch screen for 10 seconds until you hear a beep noise hand up and then dial 911123456654321 and a lady will answer just tell her you want to activate this phone to your account and you all set (report)
Anonymous (10/15): that's cute to try to get someone to call 911 by accident. *rolls eyes* (report)
Anonymous (10/23): All you dumb shets go on youtube and watch the many different videos on how you can make an iphone work with a sprint network. and after you do that i want to hear what you have to say.. because only and idiot would come back saying it doesnt work.. and those videos are lies or something. lol (report)
Anonymous (10/30): Hasn't anyone ever bought a cool new phone before? Don't you people realize that after a few weeks or a month that it's gonna be just a boring phone like you always had once the new wears off! And to think you went thru all that to switch to ATT/Cingular for a phone that your sick of by now! Just think about it, it's not worth switching phone companies for a stupid phone, YES I WANT AN IPHONE as well, But I will have to wait until the contract expires with Apple to begin to make them for Sprint...Just my 2 cents.. (report)
Ordinique (12/13): i am considering paying 700 dollars for an unlocked iphone, i am currently contracted with sprint, i luv the iphone, i sit in class attempting to cheat and my sprint instinct takes several minutes to load, and several more to find an answer for me, meanwhile th chick next to me( who has an iphone) cheats faster, like in a matter of seconds, so i wanna know from experts, if i pay 700$ for it, will it work. (report)
durrr (12/16): THE IPHONE WILL NOT WORK ON SPRINT NOR VERIZON. PERIOD! If you think otherwise, you are either an idiot or a big idiot. (report)
hitter (1/11): The iphone works with sprint n verizon once it is jail broken. I switch between all three. I prefer to use my iphone when I'm working so I'll take the sim out of my job phones n put into my iphone. thats with verizon. I have sprint also. the only thing that doesn't work is visual voice mail. That's through att only. and the guy who works for sprint is some dude just graduating from IT n don't know anything.. This is why sprint customer service sucks. because half the people who work there don't know what the hell they are taling about (report)
Anonymous (1/22): Ok to the anonymous guy here who says that you can have the iphone on the sprint network, PLEASE HELP ME DO THIS. Because I love sprint and their reception is way better than tmobile or att anyday so I don't want to leave sprint. Please email me at paid2klic@gmail.com with details pleeeeeze thanks (report)
Anonymous (1/22): hitter and to the anonymous guy here, please email me with details as to how I can buy and unlocked iphone and use it on the sprint network which I love. If you said it's possible, then I believe you. Just email me with the details thanks (report)
Anonymous (1/28): shitty niggers (report)
dcstokley (2/2): "cellguy6" Have you fell and bumped your head? The HTC Diamond is twice the phone the iphone will ever be BUT no it don't have but 4g storage but if you want more get the touch pro (report)
dcstokley (2/2): And no the iphone will not work on sprint no way no how so ppl that say it will DON'T know what they're talking about.... (report)
Anonymous (2/12): I work at Sprint, and yes it's possible, but like us, you'll need to kill baby kittens to get it to work. (report)
Anonymous (2/19): Well, Everyone who says it's possible, IT IS!!!!!! I have one operating on CDMA and all you have to do is some minor hacking or "Jailbreaking"... So fuck all the no mans. (report)
Anonymous (2/28): yes i do (report)
Jphae86 (3/5): if someone really is using an iphone on sprint email me slyguy519@hotmail.com i would like to see how (report)
Jphae86 (3/5): sorry that supposed to slyguy510 (report)
arod2162 (3/7): dfasafda (report)
ooooogghhgyea (3/9): poon schnoppa (report)
Anonymous (3/10): ehh sorry but its not possible you can jail brakeit but still you need a sim card wich sprint does not have so no you cant hack it and put it on sprint but you can do it with any other company (report)
piano_inc19 (3/15): can someone please let me know how to get my iphone to work for sprint? email me at piano_inc19@YAHOO.COM (report)
Anonymous (3/18): Just so everyone is clear -- including those of you who claim to work for Sprint, the iphone 3g is capable of operating on both GSM and CDMA network (You can go to phonescoop.com to see the specs for this phone). It is simply programmed to operate exclusively with an AT&T sim card. This can be reprogrammed and it will operate just fine on any provider in the U.S.A. (report)
Anonymous (3/26): Yeah i bealive it, so if any one is using an iphone email me to venegas25@live.com and please tell me how to do it step by step thank you (report)
Anonymous (3/30): FIRST OFF... WHY? Why spend the cash to get an iphone when you could just cancel sprint and get a refurb iphone with a 2yr agreement for 99$, Bam! thats way under what you would spend to put yourself through these useless headaches. WHY DONT YOU JUST BUILD A PHONE BETTER THAN THE IPHONE IF YOU WANT TO SCREW WITH SOMETHING (report)
i8ub4 (4/5): sprint has a sim if your useing a hybrid phone wich is cdma and iden (report)
Anonymous (4/22): you do know any of thise videos use the carrier changer thingy so u can put whatever the fuck you want to make belive your on sprint att verizon o2 etcccccccccccccccccccc and iknow this cuz i change m ine all the time (report)
Anonymous (4/26): Wow... so many stupid people. Jailbreaking an iPhone doesn't change the network is works on. They will not work on Sprint. I don't know why this is even a discussion. (report)
Anonymous (5/5): I have a IPHONE.. I use it on SPRINT. Its simple and very easy that any body can do it. Simply get your sprint service on a NEXTEL sim...Jailbreak your IPHONE and inser the SIM.. DONE DEAL. (report)
Anonymous (5/6): Been with sprint for 9 years, i will be making the switch to get an iphone in january when my contracts up (report)
Schlongdong (5/10): I have a giant penis (report)
gabbasoft (5/13): Sprint cell phones run CDMA, while the iPhone runs GSM, so it is impossible to run any iPhone on Sprint, even an unlocked one. (report)
gabbasoft (5/13): Sprint phones run CDMA, while the iPhone runs GSM, so it is impossible to run an iPhone on Sprint, even an unlocked one. (report)
Anonymous (5/18): Yo dude with the EEPROM codes, I'm a freakin hacker tied in with the iPhone dev team. Email me the EEPROM codes to my personal email:xwshippie99x@gmail.com If it works, I'll give you $500 and exclusive recognition for the sprint unlock. But it's highly unlikely they'll work seeing as sprint is a CDMA/evdo network (report)
Anonymous (5/29): Yes, I have a jailbroken(not just unlocked) 3G iPhone with a chip under a "dummy" sim card, and a sim card emulator app on the iphone that allows for me to have a working iPhone with sprint that syncs with itunes and works seamlessly (report)
Anonymous (6/8): Only reason I haven't gotten an iPhone is because I want to stay with Sprint. The Palm Pre is nice but simply doesn't have the community the iPhone has built up. Darn ATT contract. (report)
cheefinondogai (6/9): i got my friend that has been working with sprint as a technician for 8 years to hack it. it took him 3 days (report)
wildthang1234 (6/14): I would love an iPhone. I am a long time mac user, but after doing all of the network comparisons and phone comparisons. It just does not add up to switch from Sprint to AT&T. Yes, AT&T has a better phone, yes they have better customer service, and yes their prices are higher, $20 - $50 more pending on your plan. If you want a family of 5 to all have iPhones, then you are spending over $150 more per month just for the phone data plan costs ($30 x 5). The only comparable difference between AT&T, vs. Sprint is that AT&T is better for single plan users without an iPhone, if you want an iPhone it is best to go with a family plan and only pay the additional $30 more per phone per month. With sprint you will have to upgrade to their family everything plans which costs $20 per additional line verses AT&T's $10. Apple siding with AT&T was a great decision for AT&T, but a shitty decision for apple. They could have sold iPhones to the world if they wouldn't have chosen a single carrier. Additionally, AT&T is best know for the discounts that it can offer businesses and their employees on plans and/or phones. However, like everything apple, there is no discount to be made, which leads me to believe that the higher cost of owning an iPhone exists because apple is getting a nice percentage out of each new iPhone user that exists on the AT&T network. So this all adds up to.. Don't get an iPhone, but instead demand that they sell them out to your carrier. (report)
tbug (6/18): yes...IPHONE should go to every carrier besides at&t they would make millions of dollars then they make already. everybody wants in iPhone but doesn't want to break there contract or leave there carrier. (report)
Anonymous (6/18): GET GOOGLE PHONE ON T-MOBILE (report)
Anonymous (6/19): at&t has terrible data service. it's so bad they would probably fail if it weren't for monopolies like the one they set up with apple. don't blame spring for not having an iphone... blame apple and at&t for removing your right to choose who you do business with. (report)
Anonymous (7/2): if anyone knows how to make the iphone on sprint can u plz email me how to do it??? i really want the iphone since it came out but i have sprint and well yeah... dotaitos_aruseus@hotmail.com (report)
Anonymous (7/10): If anyone knows how to actually get the iphone working at sprint email at chris121750@yahoo.com (report)
Anonymous (7/14): You can Run an Iphone on sprint. Sprint/Nextel has SIM cards and world service plans. (report)
amonet10 (7/14): how do you get it to work on sprint? (report)
Anonymous (7/22): yes you can use the same system the blackberry storm us, and a cdma emulator and you are done...good luck. (report)
Anonymous (7/23): Just got my sons old iPhone and want to use it on my sprint service. Is there anywhere out there with instruction on how to jailbreak it to work? or could someone send me instructions? Thanks in avance. zman_6669@yahoo.com (report)
bigfoot031 (7/25): I too need instructions for getting sprint service on my iPhone. Email me instructions please!!!!!! duvall13@hotmail.com (report)
Anonymous (7/28): All you have to do is drop it in the toilet, then pour in a few liters of coke. Voila. Unlocked and Unworking. (report)
Anonymous (8/1): I can't stop laughing, please more of this ranting. (report)
Anonymous (8/2): i hate sprint soooooo much. i always have dropped calls constantly. and they have the crappiest phones. i would be happy with any other company except sprint. Sprint u really need to raise up the bar and actually start workin cuz now your customers aren't happy and are dying to switch companies with someone else! (report)
Anonymous (8/2): Jailbreaking an iphone does not automatically allow you to use it on any network. jailbreaking and unlocking are two completely different things. Jailbreaking lets you use software that apple does not approve of. It also lets you unlock the phone, but it in itself is not an unlock. Unlocking the phone (with yellowsn0w, purplesn0w, or Ultrasn0w) lets you use any SIM card in your phone. But since Sprint does not use SIM cards...so this would require a hardware hack...i.e. soldering, if it was even possible. (report)
Anonymous (8/3): I taped my Sprint LG rumor to the back of my new I phone and that seems to work to me. (report)
Anonymous (8/10): you can, all you have to do is mess with the radio inside. Put it in a microwave for less than 50 seconds then call sprint and swap any working sprint phone with ur newly hacked iphone. (report)
Anonymous (8/15): you guys don't know shit! you are all stupid morons! I have an Iphone that works with Sprint. My Iphone also makes free calls, I am a huge hacker! beat that out of me bitches! if you don't believe me check youtube your moron! it will blow your minds! your eyes will pop out and your head explode! (report)
Anonymous (8/18): you can get it here: makemoniesonline.com (report)
Jmills (8/18): Anyone who tells you they have an iPhone working with Sprint is flatout lying. The jailbreak hacks do not apply to Sprint as Sprint runs on a CDMA networks and the iPhone is ONLY compatible with GSM. There is no hack not even a possible hack that could allow a phone work on a network it isnt designed for. It would be like trying to launch a rocketship off a set of train tracks. (report)
Anonymous (8/24): i like ice cream (report)
dsfds (8/25): it fuckiin works!, sprint people just want you to buy their phones. it is possible ( : (report)
campbell (8/27): to the person that said their moms iphone is now on sprint, please tell me how. I an iphone. I did the unlock, how do I connect to sprint now????? (report)
Jmills87 (8/30): It is 100% impossible to use an iPhone on the Sprint network, the iPhone uses GSM and Sprint is CDMA, they are not compatible. Anyone that tells you that they have an iPhone working on Sprint service is flat-out lying to you. (report)
Anonymous (9/4): try the sprint hero (report)
Anonymous (9/9): no (report)
Anonymous (9/10): Because of the different network types there is no way to put an iphone on sprints network... the only thing that i can think of is that you take a world band sim card from sprint and try it in the iphone but it may not work... if anyone tries it and it works please tell me (report)
Anonymous (9/11): this is gay...sprint needs to come out with the iphone stop with the crap that "competes" with the iphone because its not competing...no matter who the hell you hire to make an iphone killer its not...i have the htc touch pro and a friend mine already has the touch pro 2...both are pieces of shit (report)
Anonymous (9/18): I know the people here saying they have an iPhone on sprint are just kids trying to be cool. But for those of you looking for an answer I'll fill you in. It will not and cannot happen. For a phone to work on Sprint's network you have to take it to a store, call customer service rep, or put it on your account on the website. The first thing it is going to ask for is the ESN number. If the number you give them isn't related to your phone it won't work. If it isn't a known ESN entered into Sprint's system it won't work. So unless you have the skills to hack the phone and sprint's system it won't work. (report)
Anonymous (10/1): well I am with sprint for 12 years after going thru all carriers. Sprint at the time didnt have contract. I tried to leave many time and Sprint kept me on an old rententionplan that I call the bitch plan. For $35, I have 1 free minutes, unlimeted text, 450 min, night and weekend start 6pm end 9 am and unlimited data with my treo with I used to connect my laptop anywhere for free (DUN). I want the iphone, I tried the PRE and it suck but it looks like I am stuck with bad customer service and shitty reception by my house for a great deal... Beat $35 a month (report)
Anonymous (10/4): SUCK ON MY DICK FOR FIFTYBUCKS (report)
Anonymous (10/4): I HAVE SHITTED ON Five ipods and broke them so i hate them bithces (report)
Anonymous (10/13): it works i got an iphone jailbroke it and thn unlocked it, got a sim chip from sprint and installed something with cydia and it works grat (report)
hcfmw (10/22): FYI: An Apple Executive said Sprint will be carrying the iPhone here soon :) (report)
milo (10/27): i really love sprint!!!!!!! but they need to make a phone like iphone!!! i pay the 69.99 for 450 minutes and t.v. and internet text jnstant messanger and the only way to use my minutes are with calling landline!!! (report)
Anonymous (11/1): it seems to me we have lots of one uppers here.... and sence you obviously cant email a step by step process on how to do this amazing hack.... im calling bull shit!!!!! (report)
Anonymous (11/23): cellguy6 - You will be moving to a horrid nationwide network. I did the same point after 5 years with sprint and ended up moving back. If you don't travel nationwide you may be ok. (report)
Anonymous (11/23): All Lies. You CANNOT use an iPhone with a SIM. Sprint doesn't use SIM cards anyway. Sprint and Verizon is on CDMA and tmobile ATT is GSM. You cannot make the current iPhone work on either Verizon or Sprint's networks. You people that keep talking that you can are pathetic. I believe the Apple/ATT agreement is nearing end. Perhaps Apple will allow the device on a carrier with a decent network. (report)
Anonymous (11/23): It isn't possible to run An iPhone on sprint an to dat dum ass dat said the signal on his aunts iPhone said sprint well u kan change it with the app "make it mine" which u kan get after jailbreakin an unlockin an iPhone only makes it possible to use it with tmoble or any other comPany that uses a sim card in da u.s. (report)
dethyl (12/10): All of you faggots who say it works are stupid. If you have proof then show me a picture of the Settings > Network and it should say Sprint by it. Don't show me the top of your phone because you can change that string with MiM (Make It Mine). Or you can manually edit the strings yourself. Back to the point. Big "Fuck You" to anyone and everyone who says it works. Good day! ~Dethyl (report)
waterskier13 (12/10): AT&T is the worse service out there. I have been with Srint for 9 years and I went on a motorcycle trip from Minnesota out to Colorado and back and my good friend has AT&T and my father has Verizon and they were both using my phone with Sprint all week. It was definitely my friend with AT&T using my phone the most. Other than the iPhone, AT&T is junk. (report)
Anonymous (12/20): yeah i'd listen to some inbreed retard who ca only get a job at sprint which you can probably train a money to do better. because if you walk into a sprint store the retards dont even know what the fuck there doing.. (report)
Anonymous (12/30): Most phones are better than the iphone... What makes the iphone a hot item is that there are thousands of applications for it that make the phone enjoyable... I'd rather a phone with push like my blackberry tour but also love the iphone features so i have an iphone also with t-mobile on it... (report)
Anonymous (12/31): if anyone knows how to get an iphone working on the sprint network, please email me the details... thanks inadvance - dointhings123@gmail (report)
iphonedreamer (1/4): I have a samsung ace from sprint with a sim and a jailbroken phone but i still do not get service any ideas why? (report)
Anonymous (1/7): yes I can now download from the app store but the fbi is after me now (report)
Anonymous (1/7): sprint is coming out with the iphone in febuary (report)
majorpayne (1/15): i got the iphone for sprint to work and i can make calls, enails, and texts on it (report)
rayw23 (1/23): If anyone has successfully gotten this to work..according to a sprint rep it is possible..with the right instructions but he couldnt tell me how can you PLEASE EMAIL ME THE INSTRUCTIONS on how to do so..I have an iphone id like to try it with and i dont want the 911 instructions either..so PLEASE EMAIL ME if you have successfully done this Ray_weld@yahoo (report)
Anonymous (1/23): someone post a fucking link!! dumbass thats the easiest way to prove fucking retards (report)
Anonymous (1/31): The iPhone is GSM only. Sprint (and Verison) are CDMA. There are different chipsets involved. You cannot use a current-generation iPhone on a CDMA network. Anyone who says they are is lying. (report)
Anonymous (2/8): I would just like to say to everyone that after a iphone or any phone far that matter is "jail broken" commonly know as flashing when using just a phone you can then choose any carrier of your liking no matter the make. The trick is one finding someone who works at the carrier you want or that knows what there doing to do it. There for sorry to make anyone upset but everyone who's says know I work for sprint and yes yes you can and as for the other sprint worker who said no your loyalty to the company is great but there is know way this could get back to us for any reprocushion so I'm choosing to be honest. Have a great day all happy searching. (report)
Anonymous (2/10): Every phone that sprint has sucks... They are lyin about the switching the phones...Its easy to connect.... At&t wont let iphone out of its contract...And its bullshit...The worst company with the best phone...But they have to let other companies fuck you over on the shit phones so the rest of the companies can make money too. Its utter bullshit...Theres only a couple of people who own all of the phone networks....So cheatin you out of your money isnt a problem for them....Keep switchin companies...They get all the money anyway....Assholes....Just let the shit be what it is suppose to be....Damn (report)
urmom13 (2/17): Yo I Use Sprint But Dont got An Iphone And none of my 3 phones that i had in like 3 years work, i get a new 1 almost every year cause dats how long they last. SPRINT FU(KIN SUX. my friend gits verison or sumttin and shes had her phone waaaay longer den 3 years xD lol. NOBODY USE SPRINT NO MORE!!!!! i didnt no what 2 right in here so i just wrote dat stuff xD heehee! bye ppl!!!!!! (report)
yesyes (2/23): i amde the iphone work by havnig sex with my cousin. (report)
yesyes (2/23): i have anal sex with my iphone. sometimes i even use it instead of my fist to pleasure my werewolf. (report)
Anonymous (2/25): okay, all of you people need to calm down, you CAN NOT get an iphone to work on sprint... in the U.S. You CAN on the other-hand get it working OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES. I have a sprint phone called the Samsung Ace. it uses both CDMA and GSM,therefore it has a SIM card, the reason for this is outside of the United States everything uses GSM, they made this phone (and a few others) for people who travel outside of the U.S. and need to be able to use their phones. You have to call Sprint customer service and have them unlock your SIM card, after you do this you can put your SIM card into your unlocked iPhone BUT... you WILL NOT HAVE SERVICE in the United States, now if you travel to Paris, for example, you could use your iPhone on sprints network to your hearts content, it will just cost you $2 per voice minute, and $16 per MB while using the internet (unless you live in that country, then it just costs you your normal service plan amount). (report)
blahblahblahtalkingwithlip (2/26): IM JUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST SO HAPPY! (report)
Anonymous (2/27): this works i just got mine last week it works fine (report)
pantsontheground (3/5): Pants on the ground pants on the ground looking like a fool with your pants on the ground with the gold in your mouth and your hat turned side ways pick your pants off the ground thinking your a cool cat! (report)
adamsharred (3/10): Yes but had to get it by refering mates at apple.freebiejeebies.co.uk/222660 (report)
Anonymous (3/14): Wait so you can not get the i phone with sprint network? (report)
haleymae (3/14): YESSSSSSSSS! i want the iphone so bad but my parents wont switch to at&t so it would be great if sprint had one. :) please, help a girl out. (report)
Unicorniphone (3/16): If anyone can tell me how to get an iphone to work on a sprint network, please tell me how! I know you have to jailbreak it, but I do not understand how to change the sim card or how to jailbreak it. If anyone can help, please email me at sprintiphone at gmail dot com. (I had to type the email address like this, because this site would not let me) (report)
Anonymous (3/18): I once Sneezed so hard it crapped myself :( (report)
Anonymous (3/18): Chuck Norris's daughter lost her virginity. He got it back for her (report)
Anonymous (3/20): While talking to a Sprint employee about my contract, he told me that Sprint will probably be offering the iPhone this fall or early 2011 because AT&T did not renew their contract. (report)
Anonymous (3/24): shit (report)
Anonymous (3/24): how do yu guys know this?? yu guys are nerds (report)
holesinhappyness (3/28): yea to everyone saying it's not possible or that they work at sprint blah blah. I used to be a US Cellular customer, and they're own techs used to get phoned and have me unlock/jailbreak them for other services. Yes ATT iPhone is Gsm and sprint is CDMA. but thats all in the programming on what the radio recognizes, it's just to keep from cross over network interference which would intern not show accurate use of service. Simm cards were the original fix for that and it failed too. Just takes someone time to change the code. there is a program, and a patch for iphone to run it on other carriers. it's actually pretty simple but dangerous at the same time. some of you may remember having your eeprom from and xbox harddrive while applying a re-written dash to a larger drive by adding ur eeprom. same thing! a program sets up the carrier coding and patches your eeprom to the software to match the phone.. altho i've seen with alot of jailbroken phones if you want to continue access to your carriers application services stick with your original phone. iphone doesn't support sprints app service, like sprint tv and such.. happy hacking ppl! (report)
Anonymous (3/31): Relax people. Looks like Apple has finally come to its senses, and realized they could make more money if they sold it to EVERYONE, regardless of service. How about that? I knew it would just be a matter of time. Can we please put this conversation to rest, please? This whole thing is ridiculous... (report)
Anonymous (4/6): Wow I cannot believe that I just spent the time to read All this. I would love to have the Iphone with Sprint and hope its true that Sprint will have it soon ( I am not that great with the hole hacking thing). So for now I just will have to use the Hero, and I do love it, even my friends and others who have IPhones say its cool! (report)
Anonymous (4/7): the good thing with sprint is...they work with you on deals...hav e a new black berry and my deal was 20.00 cheaper then the 60.00 they offerd plus milatary discount.. plus they are still lower in price if you need to have the broadband phone...i like sprint! (report)
Anonymous (4/7): bigdicdaly,are you like 10 years old? (report)
Anonymous (4/7): one time i thought my balls were going to fall off, so i took some duct tape and zip ties and attached them to my butt sack and ordered a pile of steaming shit. instead of the steaming shit i got an iphone. now i hate things. (report)
Anonymous (4/9): Frickin idiot iphone is gsm not cdma get a life blogger (report)
metalbigman (4/12): I'll tell you what. If you want an Iphone to work with sprint. Send me One Million dollars And I will get it to work for you. You don't have a million dollars?? Well thats good, cus even with a million bucks. I still could NOT get an Iphone to work with sprint. Sprint is CDMA Iphone is GSM. They don't play well together. If you say you can make it work. Prove it. You can't prove it?? HUMMM. Cant be done. I will pay anyone 100 bucks if they can PROVE it works.. Don't worry I know my money is safe on this one. Not all of us Sprint engineers are idiots. (report)
Anonymous (4/16): i have always wanted an i phone i hope sprint gets it i like their services an prices (report)
Anonymous (4/18): all those who have jailbroken your iphones for sprint can you give a step by step process on how you did it (report)
Anonymous (4/20): YES YES YES...WORKING FOR ME! GET GSM->CDMA ADAPTER... (report)
Anonymous (5/6): The iphone 3GS specs clearly show that it is WCDMA as well as GSM....check for your self. The real question is Sprint allowing it on it's network. If they didn't subsidize it's purchase then maybe they don't care. (report)
Anonymous (5/10): it is possible dumbasses unlock your iphone and if your lucky enough to have a sprint world phone it actually has a sim card so it will work you fucktards do some research before you cay shit god damn you all fuckin retarded i have a HTC Touch Pro 2 which is a world phone so it came with a sim. I had my friends i phone which was already unlocked so guess what? i put it in his phone and it works! so fuck all you dumbasses who says it cant work now shut the fuck up burn in hell and everyone calm the fuck down none of you are technologically inclined so shut up. (report)
rounder4life (5/14): If the only requirement is to have a SIM card, then we should be able to use it on Sprint. I have had 5 Sprint phones with SIM cards !!!! When Nextel merged with Sprint, they use all of Nextels phones, which use SIM.. Im looking at my phone and SIM card, in my Blackberry 7520 !!! So why cant we make an iphone work on sprint ?? Let me know asap !! clydes.rides@gmail Id appreciate the help.. Thanks (report)
rounder4life (5/14): So if I have a Blackberry Curve with NO sim, and I buy an iphone, what do I do ? I have a Blackberry 7520 WITH a SIM !! Do I add the 7520 to my plan, and then swap to the iphone ? 1. Hook up 7520 2. buy iphone 3. swap 7520 to iphone 4. DONE - Right ??????????????? (report)
stagegun (5/16): some of sprints phones run on GSM and also can be hacked to run on a different sim card without registering the phone with sprint. The new blackberry tour runs on a sim card because it is World phone. So seeing that Iphone is a World phone why wouldnt you be able to put an iphone on sprints network. sprint has many different networks to include . . Virgin mobile, boost, nextcel, and many others like helio, cricket, and alot of other markets. Sprint is bigger than you think (report)
Anonymous (5/30): i am a ready indian looking for a nice looking girl. i weigh 120 kilos. and i am a young hipster who is 23. so if i can get a nice feeling from any girl on my private i will be okay. ily:] (report)
Anonymous (6/1): imy name is shief joseph and i am a fag, i wiegh 6 Lbs and i LOVe the cock (report)
Anonymous (6/9): can someone please send me the info on how to get the iphone to work on sprint tp nraime@hotmail (report)
nathan0707 (6/23): iphone will be coming to Verizon CDMA then you can unlock it for Sprint Verizon iPhone by Jan 2011 (report)
Blah123 (6/24): I recently switch from ATT to Sprint and still have my iphone it would be wonderful if I could use it with Sprint b/c Sprint has shitty phones. Please email me on how this is possible..thanks so much! pabis84@hotmail (report)
tmara (6/27): I just love my new iphone, from sprint its way better than the other cell phone companies. (report)
Anonymous (6/27): I have sprint, and it is possible to have a iphone on the sprint network. There are plently that come already unlocked, my friend has one and I plan to get one soon. I will get one that's already unlocked so I don't have to take the time to do it myself. Its crazy the people on here that don't kno what they are talking about and will argue you down about not being able to do it. The only phones sprint won't activate are ones that have been reported lost or stolen and if phone is from another network it has to be unlocked. (report)
Anonymous (7/1): well you guys have no life sitting here talking about whether it works or not. now get off your lazy middle aged asses and go do something better with your life (report)
Anonymous (7/6): Yes, all the other people on the yes column who say no and the people on the no column are all douchebags (report)
alas777 (7/20): Its possible and confirmed working:: (Just remove the extra spaces in the link) h t t p : // w w w . i p h o n e d o w n l o a d b l o g . c o m / 2 0 0 9 / 0 1 / 0 1 / u n l o c k - y o u r - i p h o n e - 3 g - y e l l o w - s n 0 w - g u i d e - t u t o r i a l / (report)
hupko (7/26): i have and iphone and would like to make it work on sprint but don t see any that does so if you have a way to like to hear from you hupko@bresnan.net i have sprint and was thinking on going to att but they suck i was with them for 1 and half months and they suck i am glad i didn t quit sprint so i have and iphone to use on sprint just need a way to do it (report)
assripper (8/11): i have the ifart cock phone its in my hands right now (report)
Anonymous (8/16): I got a touchpro 2 which has worldwide sim. I unlocked phone to boost (which goes for sim too) and installed on an unlocked 3g iphone. I have a 3g boost iphone now. Woot. (report)
Anonymous (8/17): FFFF (report)
cnainsurance (9/1): Yes osama has an iphone so why dont I? (report)
Anonymous (9/29): FINALLY...someone finally came up with a way to get the iphone to work on sprint and verizon. Just typed this on my new iphone running on the sprint cdma network. This is crazy (report)
Anonymous (9/29): You can, although it is considered illegal in the U.S. and a few other countries but is known as phone cloning. All you do is buy a crappy, cheap flip phone and then clone the iPhone over to Sprint using the crappy phone. You truly do not have it on there where you will be able to have Sprint offering service to you or anything, but hey! you got the iPhone on Sprint! :D (report)
Anonymous (10/9): you're all boogers (report)
Anonymous (10/17): How can i get an iphone working with sprint? help me. email me at bradjohnson1312@comcast.net (report)
Anonymous (10/19): It does work. We here at apple are going to soon release the code in the near future. It does work on CDMA you just don't have the code. (report)
Anonymous (11/9): Sprint has a phone that close to the iphone. its the instinct. i had it for 2 years and i really liked it. Now i have an iphone and the instinct was alot faster with internet and stuff. (report)
Iphoneg (11/13): hi pls i love my sprint network and i dont want to change it.. love to have the iphone tho :) can i use my sim card bb tour in the iphone? unlock jailbreacking... pls help leave me e mail to contact u :)x (report)
Anonymous (11/22): hell yes ill break my tp2 happily (report)
tally101atsprint (12/2): you can jailbrake an iphone 3gs and use it through sprint. been there, done that!!! (report)
LIALIALIA (12/6): Everyone that posted in here is a liar. The iPhone ONLY transmits GSM voice signal (Vodafone, At&t, T-mobile) Sprint, Verizon, U.S. Cellular, and Metro PCS are some examples of CDMA voice technology. It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to use the iPhone on these networks until Apple makes a CDMA antenna for the iPhone. (report)
LIALIALIA (12/6): LIARS! (report)
Anonymous (12/8): iphone will reduce the prices of other phones.. I need a better Android phone in cheaper price.. (report)
Anonymous (12/29): Mine works fine, I dont know what's wrong with your phones, but mine works. Better than T-mobile (report)
Anonymous (1/2): Yes it is unlocked. (report)
Anonymous (1/8): Cellguy6 I've been with sprint for over 8 years. Since the iphone is going to verizon which verizon will make an announcement about it this tuesday I'm assuming and hoping that sprint will join in on this too. (report)
EatMyFeeSees (1/11): Just search on craigslist for a posting for iphone jailbreak. The one with the worst english grammar is the one to trust. Send them $150, they will send you an address to a tree that smells like fresh baked cookies. The Keebler elves are making the first batch of CDMA Verizon iPhones, which might be able to be jailbroken to Sprint in a few months. Or buy an Evo which is a superior phone unless you need the taste of Steve Jobs' baby batter. Angry Birds is in the Android market as well (report)
Anonymous (1/11): Okay, so now that Verizon is on board with the iPhone is it conceivable that the Verizon version could be jailbroken for Sprint. I'm not a techie, but from what I gather the Sprint and Verizon technology is compatible. Anyone? (report)
Anonymous (1/15): I would love the iPhone on Sprint. Sprint has amazing plans compared to the other major carriers. I've had no problems with Sprint. I get reception everywhere I go. I really wish Sprint gets the iPhone soon. (report)
Anonymous (1/15): Well i have iphone but i hope spring get it so they make it WT that would be badass ... Iphone nextel :) (report)
Anonymous (1/17): AT&T is Gay Less Bars In More Places. The iPhone 4 well be going to Verizon on 11/2/2011 that being said all you people out there saying it won't ever work for Verizon or Sprint Shut the fuck up Cuz you fucking stupid. and may be when the new iphone comes latter this year it might go to sprint & maybe T-mobile (report)
tednugent (1/24): all mof my iphones are on sprint since day one. Its pretty easy to do and doesn't take long to setup. Download a new ROM for the phone, just google it and you will get the instructions. Why is everyone not doing this?!?!?! (report)
suckitbig (1/30): I got my CDMA Verizon iPhone working with sprint - no problem. Just called customer service and gave them the ESN. (report)
CheckYoutubeDude (2/2): yes it will work with a WIFI device (myfi, ect) but your running through another device and then only data will work. you voice calling will have to be Skype or other and you have to carry this portable wifi device with you in order to use it. so does the iphone work on sprint no. it works on wifi supplied by sprint. (report)
Anonymous (2/6): YES! (report)
toluca (2/9): yes i been with sprint for the past 11 years and i love the srvice .and i love apple so if we convine the 2 it would be an awesome sprint+Iphone= happy =-D (report)
Anonymous (2/28): Honestly everyone in this "Yes" column saying they hacked it is a liar. The 3GS is a GSM Phone. Sprint is CDMA/iDEN. Meaning the iPhone 2/3/gs is 100% incompatible with the network. The radio only broadcasts on certain frequencies and so the only way to get it close to working is physically replacing the radio inside the phone,then ontop of that you have to make all the software compatible too, adjusting biOS n' such. Good luck if you try it. You're gonna need it. (report)
Anonymous (3/1): Sprint needs to come out with an iphone! AHHHH! (report)
oakds (3/2): WHAT ABOUT THE VERIZON iPhone 4????? Will that work being that it is CDMA? (report)
Newt00712 (3/10): mine is jailbroken how do i connect to sprint? do i call and act like its anormal phone or what? (report)
Anonymous (3/19): I want an iPhone sooo bad but i just renewed my contract with Sprint. But to all of you who say that Sprint don't have SIMs cards then your defiantly wrong because I have a Blackberry Bold 9650 and ha lookie here in the back by the battery theres my SIMs card. If you didn't know that then its probably time for you to upgrade! (report)
Anonymous (3/27): THE NEXUS S IS GOING TO SPRINT!!! (report)
Anonymous (3/29): Unlocked my Verizon iPhone 4 for Sprint - see tutorial at newgismo. com (report)
Anonymous (4/3): I have the epic from sprint, but I want an iphone bad, if you know how to get it to work on sprint please email me Volleyball.life at yahoo . Com (i had type it like that or it wouldnt post) (report)
Anonymous (4/6): well idk guys i phone works for sprint but i dont think it can compare to a htc evo, even tho iphone has alot more to add on to its list. (report)
albie1937 (4/10): send me the instructions please. albie1937@gmail (report)
Anonymous (4/11): Can anyone assist me in how to get any of the iPhones to work on sprint now that verizon has them and there phones don't have sims. 407-770-8713 you can text or call thanks! (report)
Anonymous (4/13): if some1 can explain to me step by step instructions on how to get an iphone 3gs on sprint email me at gespinoza1997@gmail. com please (report)
Anonymous (4/16): I have Sprint and I really wish that I could get an iPhone. (report)
Anonymous (4/22): I have a blackberry tour that has a sprint sim card. Would it be possible to use this in a jailbroken iPhone? (report)
Anonymous (4/24): iPhone 4 is already on Sprint. All you have to do is Unlock a Verizon iPhone 4 for Sprint. I did this myself and it WORKS. see newgismo. com/sprintiphone (report)
Jjturbopeople (5/25): All u idiots want an iphone? Whyyyyyy!!!???? Wat a pos,i have every model ever made, had att service , steve jobs is such a jew, he and bill gates should go fuck eachother in a corner, sprint isnt the best but htc is , and they run with sprint, fuck iphone go check out the htc 3d itll blow youre dick off (report)
anna112 (6/16): can anyone tell me how to jailbreak my iphone for sprint? (report)
Anonymous (7/11): What the hell if you want a good phone on sprint go buy the evo the evo shift or the fucking evo 3d (report)
msbridgetmarie (7/28): YES YES YES YES YES. please. im sure everyone get will get the iphone . they will make so much money. (report)

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Responses (147)
Anonymous (10/31): NO. This blows. I really want an iphone but I'm stuck in a sprint contract. (report)
Anonymous (11/2): huh? (report)
Anonymous (11/5): I want an Iphone, but I want the Sprint network, not to mention the Office productivity tools that I'm used to on my Treo 700p. I use a Mac and a PC in the office. I've tried to use the Mac as my main Office tool but corporate America doesn't work that way, and it's too much effort to bend the Mac. I'll stick with both for now. (report)
Anonymous (11/9): sprint sucks. CDMA isn't even a standard. (report)
Anonymous (11/20): No, Sprint needs to come out with a phone for personal life.. Not everyone has a BUSINESS LIFE.....and IPHONE majority of the buyer use it for personal use even the business field. (report)
Anonymous (11/21): CDMA? Sprint uses EVDO man. It hasnt been CDMA primary for a LONG time. (report)
Anonymous (11/28): No, unfortunately I've had Sprint for a while, but I know I am getting an iphone for christmas so I will be changing to Cingular ATT. I actually hate AT&T. But they have the market on iphones. (report)
Anonymous (12/29): This stinks! I really think that sprint should get a contract with apple so that sprint carriers can acess an iphone aswell (report)
Anonymous (1/31): No. And it looks like the people who answered "Yes" should have been answering "No" also! (report)
Anonymous (1/31): I have been with spring for 8 years. I switched yesterday. I love my Iphone. when sprint gets it or if, I will switch back (report)
adsf (2/13): No. i hate sprint. im getting out of my stupid contract. the customer service is shitty, the phones are shitty, and the service is shitty. fuck you sprint! (report)
Anonymous (3/8): I have been wanting an iphone, and since Sprint won't let me choose my number (I gave them EIGHT prefix options I would go with and none of them was "system generated" and they tried to push another area prefix on me), so I consequently froze my account and will let the contract expire this summer. In the meantime, I hear AT&T is letting people choose their number with a new contract so I will be buying an iphone very soon and dumping my Sprint brick in the storage closet. (report)
Anonymous (3/21): Visit www.phonenews.com for the latest on iPhone developments. (report)
ahatt (3/23): No, I would like one, But I heard that it is illegal! Is this true? (report)
snikamahnika (4/5): i want a sprint phone that has a great organizer with a lot of memory, a stylus, touch screen, mp3 player, wireless router so i dont have to pay for the internet, i can just pick it up, and i want to be able to make my songs or my recordings my ringtone. :( (report)
Anonymous (4/18): i barely have a treo working on the sprint network. sprint has the worst reception of any phone i've ever been on but it was on the only one that didn't require me to have good credit to get a contract. (report)
nycbrokerfreedotcom (5/4): No but it's not worth switching to iPhone because the AT&T service and reception sucks so overall it's not even worth it. But I just got out of Verizon due to high bills and switched to Sprint and got myself a Blackberry 880 with GPS and the works. DA BEST!!!!! (report)
balaba (5/24): To adsf - Customer service is shitty everywhere. If those people had any skills, do you think they'd settle for minimum wage? :-) (report)
shay (6/15): no way! (report)
Anonymous (6/16): fuck no (report)
Anonymous (6/17): July 11th, 2008. $199 iPhones through AT&T. They will have the market now...almost do anyways. (report)
Anonymous (7/1): Has everyone forgotten that AT&T had no problem forking over personal information on its customers, without even notifying them, to the US government in the very recent past? They are the most unethical phone company in the US - they can keep their bloody iPhones. Apple should do some serious soul searching as far as I'm concerned! And as far as phones go, the Palm Centro from Sprint is not as flashy or elaborate, but has good internet, office aps, sms, and multi-media aps. A lot more bare-bones than the iPhone, but it works, is with Sprint, and, best of all, costs only $99. (report)
Anonymous (7/2): I've made the rounds on Carriers. From sprint to att to verizon to sprint. I don't care what your phone does - music, photos, organizer - if you can't make a call when you want to (reception), then it's a brick or in this case, just an ipod. Coverage matters and for Wash DC and Denver, Sprint is better. Yeah, I want an iPhone, but I want a phone that works too. I'm bummed, but I have to stay with Sprint for now. (report)
Anonymous (7/12): one word...INSTINCT! (report)
2super (9/26): Not sure if you can, but I really want one. I heard from through the "grape vine" that Apple may come out with different models of this phone for all the different carriers... I'm crossing my fingers! (report)
MriPhonehimself (10/6): I want Sprint iPhone..... 99$ a month would be great!!!! on att its 150$ a month for an iPhone for me. (report)
MriPhonehimself (10/6): NO and it is tuff living with out it. ATT $150 Sprint $99 <Sprint wins (report)
Anonymous (10/24): i currently have a palm treo 755p its cool and everything but id do anything to have the iPhone on the sprint network...just to look cool LOL (report)
Anonymous (11/2): Nope, but I have two pockets so maybe I'll get an ipod touch and keep it on the left side. (report)
Anonymous (11/15): who does no (report)
Anonymous (11/20): I just moved back to Sprint after having an iPhoney for one year. I love the Touch Pro and the speed is awesome. My iPhone fell apart in my hands with the back case cracking. Talk about a cheaply made phone. Plus AT&T touting the faster network is bogus. When I did get a 3G signal, I had to stay still to maintain receiving the signal. Not with Sprint. Much happier with the Touch Pro. (report)
meme (12/5): Macworld 2009 may provide an annoucement for a new iPhone with CDMA \ EVDO for Verizon or Sprint. Lets hope Sprint gets it (report)
Anonymous (12/16): Just google how to get out of a contract any you can get out of sprint contracts very easily. As for me sprint has horrablie servcie and AT&T is much better it's just the hundred dollars a month that you have to pay for AT&T to get a good plan. And FYI you can buy an unlocked iPhone off eBay and run it on tmobile, but I think switching is the best way to go. Either way, sprint sucks (report)
bballplayer32 (12/26): i want it to come to sprint at&t sucks ballllls!!!!!!!!!!!! (report)
drzodiac (1/4): I am with T-mobile, and am switching to sprint unlimited. I just tried a gsm nextel/sprint hybrid sim and standard nextel sim on IDEN and can say neither works. It is IMPOSSIBLE! The Youtube videos are scams using a program that is for jailbroken iphones which allows you to choose your career. Look how the career is in all caps... (report)
Anonymous (1/17): shut ;up (report)
Anonymous (1/27): The youtube video about I Phone unloack for sprint are fake also. (report)
sec443 (2/4): I cannot wait until it comes out. :) Does any one know when ATT will release it other carriers? sec443@gmail.com (report)
Anonymous (2/6): no, I don't have a ipone working on sprint network. (report)
Anonymous (2/12): First - Verizon and Sprint are using CDMA for their Wireless Radio- as well as different frequencies- EVDO pertains to the Data Transmission type. It is not possible to "Jailbreak" an iPhone to be used on VZW or Sprint due to CDMA vs GSM. The YouTube videos are pranks - not happening. Just cross your fingers that Apple will step outside of their relationship with AT&T and create something for Verizon - the largest network...which will then give hope for Sprint users. (report)
smucker (2/22): sprint has the worst phones of any carrier. When I lived in NYC (and I mean, Manhattan), at least I had good coverage. No that I moved to Boston, I have no coverage in my apt (downtown, folks), no coverage at the gym (again, downtown), and no coverage at work. Plus, my phone sucks ass, and I want an iphone. Unfortunately, the only thing I hate more than the devil, is ATT. I had them once, and will NEVER, EVER go back. Worse customer service ever. Overbilling up the wazoo. I definitely think customer service and billing is more fare at Sprint, or I wouldn't stick with them. Although. . . contract ran out in January. . . . hmmm (report)
emjones63 (3/8): Absolutely not! It's fancy but lacks practical applications and lacks movie and camera ability of less costly phones. (report)
Anonymous (3/9): I would like there to be an iPhone for Sprint as well as AT&T the original carrier for Apple's impressive phone. (report)
Anonymous (4/6): I have iphone envy! (report)
Anonymous (4/6): ummmm apps????? (report)
Anonymous (4/24): Come on Sprint!!!! I don't want to leave but I want an iPhone!!! Put up the cash and get it! (report)
Anonymous (5/18): No, I have a iPod Touch because I'm in the Sprint Network and my parents won't pay to get out of the contract so I'm stuck with Sprint. But I think Sprint should start using sim-cards because then people could easily have an iPhone and use it to its full potential. (report)
prebetter (5/19): Palm Pre comes out in a 2 weeks, so who cares? (report)
luisfrocha (5/20): I can't wait for the iPhone to come to Sprint. I have been with Sprint since 1997 and would NEVER consider switching. Well, I almost stepped over to the Dark Side about two weeks ago. I definitely want the iPhone because I want to do some software development on it, but can't see myself tying the knot with AT&T. Stopped at their store to see the plans and stuff, and almost gave in -- even thought of transferring my current # to them. I came to my senses and instead got me a 16GB iPod touch. It's awesome and it'll keep the Dark Side at bay until the iPhone comes to Sprint. (report)
Anonymous (6/10): Sprint, pull your heads out of your asses!! You will not win this battle against ATT and the Iphone, it's a lost cause and I will laugh when you go bankrupt for not stepping up and just getting the damn Iphone. Iphone for sprint would solve all of its financial woes, but they are too much of idiots to realize. (report)
Anonymous (6/11): AT&T Nickles and dimes on the plans.... 39.99 for 450 minutes. 30 for the required iphone data plan. $20 for unlimited text messaging. That's $90 not including all the taxes. Comparable sprint plan is the everything data plan w/ 450 minutes for $70 not including taxes. (report)
Anonymous (6/15): this is bs (report)
Anonymous (6/16): APPLE IS GAY (report)
mjfira1990 (6/26): No, I'm waiting for my contract to expire with Sprint so I can purchase an Apple iphone. What's worse is I've always had Sprint and I'm a stockholder. Sprint better get busy or I will sell their stock. (report)
Anonymous (6/28): I am Stuck with Sprint for awhile. AND I REALLY WANT THE NEW IPHONE. The insinct is cool and all but The Iphone is alot better. All my friends have and it sucks for me to have the sucky phone out of everyone! (report)
jamesearlywine (7/2): I like sprint because I can tether my razr and have laptop internet access for only $10 a month (unlimited sprint vision plan). My bill is $99 a month for unlimited talk, text, and tethering. It's the best deal in town. I don't like AT&T because they're always scooting as near to the edge of monopoly as they can, and when they are about to breach that threshhold, they take off running as far into the monopoly field as they can and abuse our market system as much as possible.. it's underhanded.. plus I'd have to pay $160 a month to get the same thing from AT&T that I get from Sprint. I wish someone would make a phone as good as the iPhone for the Sprint Network, I would like to buy one. (report)
gadgetfreak357 (7/6): I jst bought the iphone3g and now i cant even find where i can hack or jailbird whatever its called if anyone has the web site or personally knows how to do it email me vivgreen83@yahoo.com...HURRRY!!!1 PLEASE&THANK YOU (report)
Anonymous (7/9): I'm waiting till *hopefully* Apple decides to let the iPhone be put on other carriers. (report)
Anonymous (7/19): F*** my Life! (report)
incognito179 (8/2): okay, honestly. sprint is bullshit. if they wanted good, maybe better rating for them. they would get with apple on how to get iphone on sprint. SCREW HACKING. i want it the right way. (report)
Bigdindallas (8/4): The iPhone is a peice of junk, and just an FYI if you hack it. YOU HAVE NO WARR. So yall have fun hacking this 6-700 dollar phone and the first time you have an issue you will be on here yelling that apple ripped you off. (report)
Anonymous (8/19): no, but i have an unlock iphone and i have sprint service. I LOVE SPRINT, they have been very nice to me and the service is awsome. Not a drop call, but when I was with AT&T (JUST TO HAVE THE IPHONE) my service was terrible, csr were dumb as hell, and they rip people off with theyre stupid expensice plan. I hate AT&T, I do wish that maybe someday SPRINT will be able to have IPHONE, I would stay with Sprint for a long time or maybe forever. (report)
Anonymous (8/26): No!! I have been with Sprint for 9 years running now. Im "sprint premier" customer haha whatever that gets me now. Just come out with the dang iphone already. I dont have very many complaints against Sprint. I just pay my bill and move on each month. When i do have problems i dont call an 800 number i go into a sprint store. Hopefully this year sprint will get it. (report)
carlos_luis1991 (8/28): no but i want one (report)
Anonymous (9/4): This is BS all this hack allows you to do is make it SAY sprint tho it is still on ATT sorry folks! (report)
Anonymous (9/29): bullsh@t! haha (report)
QueenC114 (10/3): Everyone I know who has AT&T can't get a signal. During the blackout of 2005, Sprint/Nextel was still up and running. Being able to get in touch with your loved ones during a serious crisis is way more important than carrying a overpriced, no reception showboat. (report)
Anonymous (10/5): Sprint licks Jobs balls (report)
Anonymous (10/10): sprint SUCKS. customer for about 10 years but still have another horrible year wiht my horrible phone on my horrible sprint contract with horribe customer service and horrible everything. (report)
Anonymous (10/14): the Instinct SUCKS a FAT DICK!! Compared to the iPhone it's a peice of shit--I got one for a while then returned it and said fuck this. It's a beta phone--it's not ready yet at all. There is NO competition. Apple is huge FAGGOT for partnering with AT&T, and I swear to god I would burn the whole goddamn factory down and take a fat shit on the ATT CEO's faggoty face if I could. The fact you can't buy the best phone on other carriers is anti-capitalism--what the fuck is this, goddamn China? The Instinct's calendar blows, the smart phone features are nonexistent, and the apps don't exist either cause the whole goddamn phone slowly sucks a fat black dick and swallows the cum in its un-smartphone peice of shit mouth. I swear to god I wanna kill all of iPhone and AT&T for being such goddamn faggoty bitches, then piss on their anti-capitalist monopolizing faces!! (report)
Anonymous (10/14): if you want to hack the hell out of your iPhone you could probably put it on Sprint, but you'd need to first live in your parents' basement and jerk off 50 times a day. I was thinking about manipulating the internal mechanism of an iPhone so I could get it on GAY FAGGOTY SPRINT instead of using their faggot-phones, but when I started downloading all the SHIT from the internet and hacking all that SHIT with wires and whatnot I realized I was a goddamned FAGGOT with no life downloading porn all day with no job. So in essence, what I'm saying is SURE you could try to download a bunch of hacks and make your iPhone try to work with Sprint, but then again you could also put a fucking airplane fin and a racing engine on your '87 Toyota Corrola. (report)
Anonymous (10/14): Let me just reiterate the fact that given the chance, I'd find whoever wedded the iPhone to AT&T and thought that was a great idea and piss directly in their mouth. Then I'd bang their wife while they watched via iPhone video, then I chuck a molotov cocktail with a hammer and cicle flag in it into their window and chuck sprint Instincts covered in turds at them while they ran out screaming from their burning down house. I hate the whole concept of iPhone being on one carrier so badly I can feel it in my very essence of being and smallest fibers and mitochondria. I hope AT&T stock fails and the whole company falls through a pocket in the earth into the depths of burning hell, and that Steve Jobs gets a guerrila man in the back seat of his car to force him to give him a blow job and hum on his large hairy ballsack while he smacks the living hell out of him with a Chinese flag (covered entirely with turds). This is my FANTASY. If iPhone comes to Sprint I'll jerk off 500 times in a row, chug 4 Maddogs, then do 20 lines of coke off an AT&T kiosk. (report)
Anonymous (10/23): i realy want a iphone but if if it is not with sprint i dont want it (report)
Anonymous (10/26): SPRINT SUCKS DICK!!!!! BUT IM STUCK IN A 2 YEAR CONTRACT!!!!!!! thank god only 1 left!!!! fuckin haste dat shit (report)
jrjlprev (11/2): I want an Iphone and i'm stuck with spring for another year! Yuck!!! (report)
ATTorSPRINT (11/4): I am quite surprised that anyone is even considering the IPhone on Sprint as a viable option. AT&T works on a GSM network and Sprint on the CDMA network. AT&T and T-Mobile are both GSM but work at different frequencies 1600mhz for T-Mobile and 1450-1900mhz for AT&T whereas Sprint and Verizon are CDMA services. Sprint with NEXTEL also operates on the IdEN network which uses SIM cards but those SIM cards are not backwards compatible with AT&T. There has only been one recorded instance of an IPhone being cracked to go on T-Mobile (I am also amazed that no one talks about it here&) and it was done by an electrical engineering student in the masters program at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) University in Rochester New York. He got a slap on the wrist for violating copyright laws and was later employed by APPLE. He wont be doing it again because he is employed by APPLE. I hope this answers everyones questions on both sides of this board. BTW...The IPhone is a great phone but the Android operating system has done a great job at matching it. The HTC Hero for example looks a lot like it with a comparable screen and has expandable memory up to 32GB which is the size of the most powerful IPhone. Dont get an IPhone. Get an HTC Hero. Your AT&T friends will envy you. (report)
l8dvet (11/16): No. I really want and iphone but AT& T has lousy coverage. The iphone does not work in my plant so those that have them go outside or to the nearest window or door. AT & T's rates or too high and continue to go up. I have an ipod touch and I LOVE IT. I also use the Palm Pre and it SUCKS! I've heard rumors that AT & T has lost the contract with Apple and will be developing an iphone for Sprint. I AM PRAYING AND KEEPING MY FINGURES CROSSED THAT THIS IS TRUE! (report)
Anonymous (11/22): Sprint PCS 4G is only available in Baltimore (report)
BellaCroix (11/29): It's so easy to get the iPhone to work on Sprint... all you have to do is replace every Sprint tower in your area with a GSM tower. Sprint uses CDMA technology, AT&T (and thus the iPhone) uses GSM technology. It's as simple as hacking your AM radio to listen to FM radio. Anyone can do it with a few billion dollars... don't listen to these people who say it's not possible. (report)
Anonymous (12/3): Sprint actually has the best serice were I live, better then AT&T or verizon. But I doubt that the iPhone would work on sprint unless that contract with AT&T exprires... I would love to throw my shitty instinct away for an iPhone though. I have an iPod touch and I find myself texting people with the e-mail client on my ipod touch more then texting people on my real phone. (report)
Anonymous (12/7): fuckin shit fuck (report)
Anonymous (12/9): Sprint SUCKS! I bought a used phone (SAME EXACT MODEL w/ Sprint logos and everything)couldn't activate it for my #. Customer service couldn't either. Why can't they just use SIM cards?!!! If you know how I can activate this phone on Sprint can you msg me on AIM: t3hfall3n (report)
Anonymous (12/11): No, I wish I had one because I really like the iPhone but I HATE AT&T. I would not trade Sprint service for any other carrier. Sprint needs to be able to sell the iPhones too!!! (report)
Anonymous (12/14): No but I wanted an Iphone ever since they came out I reather the apps and how I can manage my music plus I have an iPod touch I wish it was an iPhone also iPhone is like a minni mac book (report)
Anonymous (12/16): I had AT&T AND the Iphone and I have to say the Palm Pre AND Sprint are so much better (report)
Anonymous (12/23): NO I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!! (report)
Anonymous (12/29): How has no one said this? A carrier's worth depends on your area of residence. Sprint sucks in your apartment in Manhattan? Fine get AT&T. And all this bitching and moaning about how Sprint doesn't have good phones? You're just not willing to look beyond the first two results of Google. My honest opinion is that lately HTC has made some GREAT phones for Sprint (ahem Sprint Hero). (report)
Anonymous (1/5): i want the iphone and i have sprint, and sprint really sucks. but i heard of this program that u can download to change the contract on the iphone. its illegal but it seems worth it! (report)
sickofsprint (1/5): No I don't because I would NEVER again use sprint - it's the worst company I have ever dealt with. We had an account with them for the past 5 years and we finally got to the point we could not deal with them anymore. If they were the only provider in the world - I'd do without a cell phone. Their customer service is abominable, their service is poor, and their phones are junk. Now if you like being talked down to by a Sprint rep or if you enjoy hearing them put you on mute so they can speak to eachother about how frustrated you are and then come back on the line laughing while you're losing your mind with their lack of competence - then go for it. Personally I don't like being talked down to by some moron making $5 hour who can only read a script in bad english. (report)
Anonymous (1/14): nope (report)
Anonymous (1/24): Umm, one can NOT get the iPhone on Sprint since Sprint is CDMA, and iPhones are GSM. The technologies are incompatible at this time. Nice try! (report)
Anonymous (1/28): No but I heard that the iPhone will be released to Verizon & Sprint sometime this year. (report)
bubba_909 (2/17): the iphonw cant come to sprint because the iphone has to take a sim card and sprint dosent have that (report)
Anonymous (2/24): iphone has nothing on the touch pro2 (report)
Anonymous (2/26): I just called sprint and thay said apple is trying to work on phons for other networks that would be nice but will it ever happen idk but i think i just stay with sprint (report)
Anonymous (2/28): i would like to know how to get an ipod to work on sprint how do i do it (report)
nunyabusiness (3/3): I wish we had the iphone...I do advance tech support for Sprint. And believe me when I say most of the problems we see are operator errors...so yes that means you! And no I dont make minimum wage ....laughing all the way to the bank !! lol (report)
Anonymous (3/11): don't think it's possible (report)
Anonymous (3/18): Im not gay but my boyfriend is (report)
Anonymous (3/31): Relax people. Looks like Apple has finally come to its senses, and realized they could make more money if they sold it to EVERYONE, regardless of service. How about that? I knew it would just be a matter of time. Can we please put this conversation to rest, please? This whole thing is ridiculous... (report)
Wachgui (3/31): my contract with Sprint expires in October and, after six years, I'm considering switching to AT&T, mainly because of the iPhone; If Sprint gets the iPhone this summer, I may reconsider... (report)
Anonymous (4/2): I recently found out that Iphone will be available with other networks by the end of 2010. I can't wait if this is true. I've been with Sprint over 10 yrs and do not want to change phone companies. If you waited this long to get an iphone, whats a few more months. (report)
Anonymous (4/3): No! I do not see why all of the phone services cannot just have the same programing it would make life much easier when picking a worthy phone you know will last, like the iPhone. (report)
Anonymous (4/7): i just farted a box of canadian iphones. sellin them cheap, they come in the special shit brown color. (report)
Anonymous (4/14): I feel the same way i think the iphone would run faster on sprints 4G think i might go to ATT just for the iphone but there customer service sucks (report)
Anonymous (4/18): No, I'm about to bail on Sprint. I just do not understand why Sprint can not get a good smart phone that is not a hunk of crap!! (report)
Anonymous (4/18): I'd try the iPhone if it were on Sprint, but I wouldn't switch to ATT as long as they such overpriced a la carte plans. I like pay one price for everything I need and having it work. Apple let Sprint sell the iPhone! I mean, what could happen? You make even more money, maybe? Sounds like a winner to me. (report)
Anonymous (4/25): I think that Apple should sell the iphone to Sprint so that eeryone can experance the iphone. I know that many people would love the iphone but doesnt want to switch to AT&T. (report)
Anonymous (4/30): I want the iPhone so bad! /; (report)
Anonymous (5/12): No but I want to. I love my iPhone but hate Att. Being an AT&T customer I really feel like I'm being gouged., my brother in Ireland has an iPhone and loves it the o2 service is amazing and all of features of the phone are open. I really feel like I am being robbed here in the land of the free with AT&T the communist phone company!!!! (report)
FPWS (5/18): I will be leaving sprint soon if they dont get an iphone ASAP (report)
iphonewanteronsprint (5/26): no but i really want one i really hope that steve jobs realizez that if he works with sprint that his iPhone will finaly be able to work to its full potential on americas first 4G network! i have sprint now and i love it and with no question would get the iphone plus alotta people would switch to sprint and since sprint has more people carrying them then ATT apples stocks (AAPL) would also go up and sprints would also go up so there for it would also help the stock market for those 2 compaies (report)
CARLITO413 (5/31): no but i want my i phone for verizon is it possible (report)
Anonymous (6/6): I don't have an iphone but definitely would like to get one, been with sprint over 10 yrs and like the phone also (report)
ashleybrownlee08 (6/18): no i do not but i will nvr switch from sprint. they have the best deals on plans and in the 7 years i have had it i have nvr had a droped call. and i know a ppl with at&t and they have calls dropped all the time. and on sprint i can talk and get on the internet all at the same time so there is no reason to switch to a company with over priced plans just for an iphone i will only prbly have a year and then want a new one! (report)
Anonymous (6/24): i want an iphone in sprint because the are awesome and not everyone can effort a lot of money for at&t please make iphone in sprint (report)
MHill27954 (7/10): No. I dont want one personally, but right now Apple has a contract locked in to AT&T. Does not matter to me because AT&T does not work well in my area, but you cannot hack the phone as it is in GSM. When Verizon eventually gets the iPhone with a CDMA signal, you may eventually be able to hack it. Apple currently does not make the iPhone receiving a CMDA signal (almost all of Europe, T-Mobile and AT&T (Verizon in limited areas-not sure if that has changed) uses GSM-but it is an older system)> Apple uses it as a contract ploy to allow the people who get the phone to be forced to go to one network, which makes them a king maker (thus AT&Ts network is overloaded). I personally would go to the Android in 4G. (report)
Anonymous (7/13): Are you kidding me... Really? Don't post unless you know what your talking about. Do just a little research and you will find out that Sprint is indeed still a CDMA network. EVDO isn't even a network type, it's simply a data transfer protocol. (report)
Anonymous (7/20): no i dont have it on the network but seriously considering, i have sprint, my phone is GSM and i have a SIM card so what is stopping me? (report)
JustinBieberFann (7/23): no..iiwant thee iphone 4 so badd ! but iigotta stay with sprint because of thee contract thing ugh ! :/ (report)
JustinBieberFann (7/23): no..but iiwant thee iiphone 4 soo badd ! but im with sprintt ugh !:/ (report)
Anonymous (8/11): I sometimes have constipation. (report)
Anonymous (8/16): The Son of a Bitch still don't explain how to get the iphone to work with sprint. I call sprint and was told they don't work with iphones. (report)
lalakillinem (8/25): can someone show me how please i have the phone right no n i wanna do it (report)
Anonymous (10/22): no, never, networks are noy compatiable... iphone vs sprint, cant do it (report)
Anonymous (11/15): FUCKKKK. nahh man but i want 1. (report)
Anonymous (11/29): ive been to every story in goergia and in illinois and neither of the stores ive been to allow me to have a sprint powered iphone. i dont get it its stupid like really they have every phone but that one. is it because they're to stupid to figure out the technology to create one? idk but im pissed. (report)
Anonymous (1/10): NO and I really want but I stuck with sprint due to a 2 year contract I need one for my job if only sprint did Iphones. (report)
Anonymous (1/17): I have the HTC Evo.. which is way damn better than any iphone LOL iphones are for losers (report)
Anonymous (1/24): sprint sucks! im canceling this service. (report)
Anonymous (1/25): in all seriousness - people, the only way you can get an iphone working on sprint is with a CDMA phone. Now, I believe that the new Verizon phone is "simless" - therefore it also prevents use on the sprint network. Anyone have any idea on this yet ?? (report)
Anonymous (1/25): I will be leaving sprint if they don't acquire the iphone soon. Verizon looks to change their plan for data after the influx come feb. 10 So, gotta get in there before they change to the tier system. (report)
sherri (2/3): i want an iphone but not bad enough to trade sprint for anotger network. (report)
beetlebag (2/10): it makes my balls ache and crunch up due to this misfortune... I would like for the taliban to focus all of their energy upon apple until sprint subscribers can obtain the iphone. (report)
t_elmore20 (2/11): this is fucking stupid,can someone make this easy. i want to keep sprint but have all the benifits of an i phone(sorry if that sounds like i am a woman) but if i can do it help me out!!! lame mans terms would be great for people like me!!! (report)
Anonymous (2/19): no, but i got with tmobile. why dont tmobile get the iphone like everyone else (report)
kclo1922 (3/3): Hey all make sure you go to the facebook links fsprint iphone and like and subscribe to pages (report)
Anonymous (3/3): No and I can't seem to get any information from them in regards to this. I am also stuck in a Sprint Contract and not getting what I most wanted from my Samsung Moment. (report)
babygurl98 (3/10): I have a crappy fone and my dad said that i could get an iphone for sprint when it came out sooo pleaaaaase hurry up and make one (report)
albie1937 (4/10): someone send me the instructions on how to flash ip4 to sprint. all the links are gone albie1937@gmail thanks! (report)
Anonymous (4/29): it would be nice to have an iphone in sprint but that most deff wont prob happen. sprint has good plans but never actually sends a bill and not to mentiion they charge you for the dumbest things ever. (report)
Anonymous (5/14): no, you cant get the iphone with sprint network, but i love my evo 4g, iphone sucks, no bluetooth, 5 megapixels, itunes sucks too, and is 3g! (report)
Anonymous (5/23): Get and Evo F****** (report)

Anonymous (6/11): no i dont i am willing to give my daughter one if upt it in sprint but for now she is stuck with a pick sanyo phone. its embarrasing to her becase her phone is also restricted!!!!! i dont want her to be on restriction but she is childish but she has got alot more mature for her age please make iphones for SPRINT!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :D (report)


Blackfoot (10/5): Cant wait to get one (report)

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